Syndicate Red Weapon Carbon 6k (soon to be 8k)

Syndicate Red Weapon Carbon 6k (soon to be 8k)

We are happy to have taken delivery of our RED Weapon 6k camera and we are now waiting for our Vista Vision 8k upgrade expected to take place during 2016.

As we got our RED Epic Dragon stolen and this is all quite technically challenging equipment (that only comes to it best usage when rented together with qualified personnel) We are now only doing rentals that goes out together with syndicate syndicate staff or trough our channels. So email “info at syndicate dot se” to get a proper quote.


• RED Weapon 6k.
• Mg PL mount.
• Standard OLPF.
• Base I/O module.
• XL power module.
• RED Quickplate.
• RED Touch Screen 7.0″ LCD.
• RED Touch Screen 5.0″ LCD.
• Bomb EVF.
• 2x XL Batteries.
• XL Charger.
• AC power adapter.
• RED Mag Reader for mini mags.
• 2x 512Gb Min mags.
• RED allen and torx tool.
• Cables for: EVF, Screens, sync, magreaders and more.

FLIGHT CASE 002: Dragon Additional Power and Accessories.

• V-lock power module.
• 3x Blue shape 150Ah V-lock batteries.
• Blue shape V-lock charger.
• 2 additional XL Batteries.
• DSMC Mounts: Nikon, Canon, Canon FD.
• RED DSMC Quick Release Platform, 2x 19mm Rods, dovetail.
• F-stop Focus Wifi Controller.
• MRMCO focus motor.
• Cables to the above.

FLIGHT CASE 003: Matteboxes & Filters.

• Red Pro Mattbox.
• Arri LMB 15
• Tiffen ND0.6
• Tiffen ND0.3
• Tiffen_large_round_4_1/2_85
• Tiffen_Round small_4_1/2
• Tiffen_Round_small_4_1/2 ND 0.6 85 


A set of High quality FD Prime lenses together with a Epic FD mount. View lens tests files / Reviews.

15mm fisheye f 3.4
20mm f2.8
35mm f2.0
50mm f1.2
85mm 1,2L
100mm f2
100mm Macro
200mm f4


38, 58 and 88 mm DSL TRUMPS and a FlareFactory lens with wide angle adapter. Old Helios lenses with new housings that features a Iris filtering option. Covers Vista / Weapon 8k and has to be tested in person to be fully appreciated. Possibly the most creative lenses we ever tested.

• 38mm Trump
• 58mm Trump
• 88mm Trump
• Wide selection of Iris filters for the above.
• Flare Factory with fixed copper/ reflective iris and “warm interior”
• 38mm front adapter for the Flare factory.

FLIGHT CASE 006: Wireless REF MONITOR – Bolt.

• A PeliCase seated Samsung HD 24″ LCD display.
• BNC-HD-SDI video in/out.
• Terradeck bolt with one TX and two RX.
• Case Powered trough a 220V connection cable. Also features a 220V power out connections.
• A Plug and play solution for Wireless monitoring.

Syndicate Milo Motion Control.

Mark Roberts Milo Motion Control.
Modified Guiness head, With full RED Weapon control.
3 x Focus/Zoom/Iris MOCO motors.
14.5V Camera power module.
2x axial model movers.
1 Turntable.
Blop Light and Sync Beeper.
1 flight case for the Flair Control Unit.
1 flight case for the Guiness and accessories.
2 x flight cases holding 4 x Moy trackunits each.

Price for Milo including all Camera equipment listed above: 35000SEK/DAY = 4000€/DAY